2019: the year of moon missions, marijuana and mega-hub airports | The Economist

From groundbreaking moon missions to growth in the legal-cannabis market, 2019 will be year of new highs. Here’s what to watch out for in the year ahead.


  1. This video has 1.1k upvotes and 18 downvoted. Who the fuck are these 18 people? I feel like these 18 people are the reason why companies are forced to write idiot warning labels on everything for idiots.

  2. 2019 will be a year of political and economic chaos… marked by massive social unrest. It is the precursor year to global economic collapse… quickly followed by population collapse.

    Frankly… I think humanity is perched at the edge extinction… and it will probably occur before the end of the 21st century.

  3. I hope in 2019 the West stop selling arms to Middle East dictators. I hope governments shift their spending from weaponizing to fighting corruption and building sustainable cities for their own people. I hope justice served for people suffered wars, famine or forced displacement for whatever the reason. I hope refugees return back safely to their home lands after ousting dictators and their terrorist fellows who made them prefer facing death by drowning rather than death by their bullets.

  4. Well, it's all nice of you to show us this and so.. but perhaps you would wanna raise the bar a bit just for the few procent that actually may be interested of your information? There's so much knowledge you could give about our world.. you know.. it's just a comment ! πŸ™‚ haha

  5. Central Asia and Mongolia is far more fascinating and exciting than traveling to China , Shanghai and Beijing is terribly overcrowded and polluted. India is far ahead in the space race, we've had our Lunar mission, Chandrayawn and the Mars mission, Mangalyaan and we'll be sending man to space Gaganyaan by 2022.

  6. You forget India, India will launch Chandrayaan -2 on Thursday,31 January which includes a lunar orbiter, lander, and rover. And India will be world 5th largest economy in 2019 passing both Britain and France.

  7. More like how hard is climate change going to f*ck us in 2019? You talk about gdp's, well guess what happens when there is no rain in an area, or it floods constantly? You won't be talking about gdps but survival rates.

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