1. the thing about nunchucks is the way, the force is delivered to the target. there is a big difference to just hitting someone with a "lead pipe" the damage done to the target is way worse. they are very easy to make and to use so i think they should be banned.
    there is of course a way to use them as sports equipment. so if they are made in a way where you can use them without cracking the skull, have fun with it.
    for example made from rubber and foam

  2. I had a party of 12 cops come into my work tonight (I'm a waitress) some of them are regulars and some of them aren't and one looked almost like Donut so I had to tell them and a few recognized your name. It was a weird but cool experience

  3. Whoa there fella, you may take the piss at the UK's laws on weapons control.. but just remember y'all our school kids ain't having no holes blown in them in the classroom  year in year out y'all dig?

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