VICTOR ODDO is a Starseed, and so are you!

Welcome back to Magick Kool-Aid, my retards! This episode features everyone’s favorite pre-eminent Star Lord, self-described starseed Victor Oddo! He is also …


  1. The fact that Oddo is charging money for his services shouldn't shock or irritate anyone. What would you like him to do in our contemporary society, ask for sea-shells? And his information is accurate,and he is just one of millions of awakening individuals in a population of seven billion. He is not saying anything someone else hasn't said before (Tesla, for example, among many other awakened people throughout history). Mr. Kool-Aid man should have been doing his own research all along, instead of busting through people's walls with a new flavor every month.

  2. "it would be well for you to step outside of your bubble and try to talk to people who aren't insane every once in a while"

    so much yes and pretty much the only way you get out of this shit

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