Moving in to the New Year I’ve been taking a closer look at what I’m putting on my skin to improve it. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …


  1. I suffer from malassezia on my face and neck; it is a form of fungus. It started with a small spot under my left eye and it has spread. I bought thousands of dollars worth the skin care to fix it but I only recently figured it out with the help of so many sources. But, what really saved me was the site Skincarisma which Tati mentions. It now lists if a product is safe for fungal acne or malassezia, thank goodness! I also did a purge of skincare and replaced with what the site considers 'safe'. Next is makeup, but it's time consuming… No longer will I buy a product because it looks amazing in Tati's videos. Yet, I will still watch!

  2. Can I just say, Tati is pretty much talking about ingredients that effect her skin. I’m a skincare advisor, it’s my job, and what I have learnt that you can put skin types in to categories, but you could get two people with dry skin, who have different reactions to ingredients in products. She’s just highlighting the fact that if your get a skin issue or reaction it could be down to just one ingredient or a few, and that removing them, can have a massive impact on ur skin. A lot of people out there are extremely lucky and don’t react at all. And I wish I was one of them but I’m not, I have to be extremely careful with what I put on my skin. But also another issue that can cause bad skin, is using too many products or over using products.
    At the end of the day, this works for Tati, but she’s not telling you to stop using them. It’s down to you at the end of the day, she’s informing you of what she’s changing in her skincare and makeup regime.

  3. I absolutely love tati but…. fyi, there are a lot of ingredients that are 'natural' or not necessarily 'bad' for you in general that are written down as their formal chemical name. do some more research. all the love xx

  4. To anyone watching this video- please go check out Lab Muffin here on YT if you want science-based info on makeup/skincare ingredients. Gothamista is also a great channel that offers amazing recommendations and is very knowledgeable because her entire channel is dedicated to skincare.

  5. Good for you! Our skin is our biggest organ, and those ingredients, even in small amounts, potentially have a negative accumulative effect on our well-being. Transdermal delivery of medications is very quick (think nicotine patches, etc.), and our skincare and cosmetics have so many ingredients that are banned in Europe. I'm interested in seeing which lines you decide to use. There are a lot of very good, luxurious clean skincare lines, but they do not have huge advertising budgets and are more "boutique" or "spa."

  6. My mum taught me froman early age that fragrance free and less complicated ingrediants in anything we put on our body is best! I also stopped using any skin care, besides basic sorbolene moisturiser and sunscreen, 3 years ago and haven't had any acne since

  7. It's nice that you can throw away so many products.. I can barely afford generic cleansers for myself. Maybe think about that before telling people to avoid everything and buy stuff that's super expensive instead. Yes, fragrance is bad. Some of the other stuff though… really. I hope you're giving that stuff away instead of throwing it in the trash.

  8. Tati, why don't you release a skincare line? I would love to see an overview of how you battled these problems that you highlighted in this video (use of irritants/harsh chemicals, use of fragrance, etc.) just like James did when he was making his palette.

  9. I LOVE videos like this! Finally got to this because I’ve just been so busy lately but THANK YOU for shedding a light on all of these ingredients we could do without. I have very sensitive skin, can’t wait for an updated skin care routine 🙂

  10. Vaccines have a lot more "harmful" ingredients than any skin care ever will. Seriously. Yes some are beneficial but the ingredients in them are so toxic. Maybe think about that before making a sly comment like you did. Let's all respect eachother. no one really knows the whole truth.

  11. Coal tar isn’t bad for you. 🙂 I have mild to moderate scalp and plaque psoriasis this is a great product that I use on my scalp and skin once to twice a week and it “calms” the storm lol. With that being said I love your channel and will continue to watch even though I don’t agree with everything here. I respect your views!

  12. Tati, sometimes silicones and alcohol is added to make your skincare absorption more effective and pleasant. And it all comes down to the formulation. If it contains some pore clogging ingredients but it doesn't breaks you out then you can still use it, because skincare is not that black and white. And before anyone attacking skincare that still uses paraben (unless you're allergic to it), it actually one of the most stable preservative, you guys can dig more into it.

  13. Tati, I know you’re getting a lot of hate on this video but I for one truly appreciate you sharing your own journey to safer, more natural skincare. I can tell (even if not everyone here agrees) that you’ve been doing your research (which I suggest everyone else on here do too). You’re not claiming to be an expert, and I don’t think that you have to be in this case. The fact that you’re trying to better your health and your skincare routine is wonderful, and other people can choose to use what they want to on their skin and make videos about it if they would like. I hope to see more of this from you! Love your Halo Kiwi btw,
    HUGE improvements in my skin! Thank you!

  14. Is First Aid Beauty pretty clean or natural ish/good for your skin? Their face wash claims to be sensitive and I’ve noticed when I started washing my face with the FAB one, all of my (what I thought was) hormonal acne that was here for years had cleared up. Anyone know much about this company?

  15. At the very least, I would expect the title of this video to be different. Perhaps something along the lines of “skincare products that didn’t work for me.” You continuously support the idea that everyone is different and reacts differently to products. Be fair to these products and brands by making it crystal clear that these are only your opinions of these products and in no way facts. I love your videos! I truly look forward to them. Thank you!

  16. Love the eye look you are wearing in this video, I am new to all of the new ways, at 39 I literally knew nothing and girl I have rang that Bell! I cannot miss my daily Tahti fix, thank you for teaching me so much.

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