Stephen A. Smith responds to J.R. Smith’s clap-back | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith responds to Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith’s clap-back on Twitter after Stephen A. criticized Smith wearing a hoodie on the court …


  1. SAS…..your a PUNK!!!!!!… you suck, I hate your loud Black mouth…. you made a commit about the Dallas on the radio, 11.21.18 about Head coach and Owner, U are by far the biggest RACIST!! on network. I hope you get mowed over some how, I pray by or own people… I'm not even close to being a Dallas fan at all!!! lol………….Please take this Nig off the Air

  2. I agree with Stephen A. Smith and I have a lot of respect for the man. I hope to meet with him and hold a discussion with him on a lot of sports topics which include the Dallas Cowboys (because I share his view of the so called "America's Team"), Tim Tebow (I used to cheer for Tebow and even though I love him as a person, the dude cannot play QB if his life depended on it), and the New York Knicks (because let's face it the Knicks are the epitome of a walking disaster in the NBA). I especially agree with him on the fact that he was critiquing the hoodies. I'm a white person seeing NBA players wearing hoodies on the bench and can I tell what those players are feeling while they are wearing their hoodies? I really can't tell but I hope they are comfortable. As for J.R. Smith, he's better as a sixth man but if he really wants to be a starter then he better step his game up or else he'll still find himself on the bench.

  3. Obviously ESPN is giving Nike free advertising. How many time's did he mention Nike? And how many time's did they show the hoodie on star player's? Don't listen to what they say (distractions) This is a long winded Nike ad ultimately.Corporations Corrupt

  4. The white man knows how to build a good nigga, out of all the shit we need to be worried about a nigga can't realize the strings hang from his body playing him like a puppet on a string its funny how a nigga have to fight each other but smile in a cracker face like they his best friend we have to be the only nation that love other nations more than our own people it's we each other enemies but the cracker that slave us our best friend

  5. I used to like Stephen A. but fuck him… be talking all that shit but I bet the moment a mf see his ass face to face & knock his hairline to the back of his damn neck he’ll watch his fucking mouth

    Real bad haircut having ass

  6. lets look at the reality of the situation, Stephan A Smith: Zero in Points, Assists, Rebounds per game, and JR smith, as bad as he is, he is in the nba. Why dont you play Stephen A smith? oh right because you are trash

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