Red Dead Redemption 2: 14 Secret Tips The Game Doesn’t Tell You!

There’s a lot going on in Red Dead Redemption 2 but these tips should help you get an extra leg up in making the most of your time as a cowboy.


  1. YEE….


  2. I lost my legendary bear fur because I accidentally shot at the fur Trader now my bear fur is gone…. Camp said it would be stored in a safe spot but it's no longer there so??? Was now isn't!!

  3. I stopped watching when you tried to pass off the fence as a "Secret tip the game doesn't tell you!"

    Literally one of the first missions you can access from the Horseshoe Overlook camp is to go meet the fence with Hosea and the fence only becomes unlocked after said mission. What part of that is a secret? I suspect every single person who has played this game went through the same mission that teaches you how to use the fence.

  4. You can equip different satchels to help you carry more items or certain items in general, you can also equip pocket watches through your satchel if you wanna hide your smell from animals.

  5. I seen on another video, if you want to remove radar temporarily instead of selecting in options, you just hold down dpad, and you can turn it off, expand the minimap, or just keep a compass. the cores will still show when there are changes.

  6. I found out that if you are taking a longer horseride cross country, you can just enter cinematic mode, hold down X (PS4) and your horse will follow the waypoint trail.

    Unless the game included that in the tutorial and I completely missed it.

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