1. Even though minute traces of THC is legal in hemp CBD oil, it can show up positive for cannabis in a urine screen. If this is a concern for you, make sure you get the CBD oil without the THC.

  2. Joe you should understand.. medical pot is not the same as the pot we grew up with .the changes they made to weed with all the regulations is so that the e.l.f. waves and smart tec would be more effective on the body the old school pot was disruptive to e.l.f. or smart tec that's why is was passed in City around the same time so they can have he growers do it DARPA way so we asorb the frequency.. researching is important

  3. Joe Jsnip you are more than welcome in the cannabis community on youtube. Pimp that shizzz! So many people suffering now healed or healing from a simple plant. They are making things called THCA diamonds an thca is what makes the pain go away. Once it's heated it turns to thc but of you ingest thca it will have a more medicinal effect will a lesser high

  4. There are some excellent videos here on YouTube about CBD oil…..check them out.
    And yes…..I'm also still HODLing Crypto and Silver. I'm in no hurry……time is on my side. 😉

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