1. Hi. Fan of the show for sure. But curious if we will reach $12.10 on CRON this or next week or perhaps not for another 3 months or more since we are mostly heading to $9 for a while. Thanks.

  2. Spy broke support and then bounced at the end of the day. I'm thinking that the Plunge Protection Team (Working Group on Financial Markets, ie the Fed) bought stocks to prop up the market. If so, we should see a big bounce tomorow.

  3. Don't say the "F" word…lol.  We're dealing with pot stocks, so fraud or illegal activities shouldn't be that surprising.  For long term holders,  it might help to buy a basket of stocks instead of one or two.

  4. Will you go long the day b4 or the day of the TLRY share lockout period expiration? We both saw what happened with TGOD…may be an interesting idea to do a similar type play Dan-O

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