1. movies made after the advent of social media are TERRIBLE. doesn't anyone notice that the movie is not only predictable, the jokes are alllllll the same and told the same exact way. No one attempts to act and even if they are an old school actor or someone who you know has talent, they just don't deliver. acting is about giving, giving, giving. if there is no giving, no one can blossom. i just hate the way people don't acknowledge this off putting and fairly loud trend. it's one thing to have a "Good attitude" but it's another thing to just sell out and ignore the facts and settle. i still support my favorite people, but i definitely am honest about how bad the movies are, with no disrespect to the actors/talent that I am supporting. come on folks! lol net flix is for movie LOVERS not just movie goers. I LOVE KEY AND PEELE. their talent cannot reign if writers,directors,camera men, and other talent, and the audience are not asking anything of them or giving them what they need to be successful.

  2. I don't know if Mr. George Michael ever saw this, but the beautiful man was able to laugh at himself, and he surely would have laughed at this movie! An hilarious tribute to an artist of true talent and wit, gone far too soon. Love you, George.

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