1. It’s fucked up how he’s mocking and saying he has mental illness and he doesn’t. My daughter has a REAL mental illness and has to be on meds since she’s 12 years old. I used to like josh Gordon but now he’s nothing but a punk kid who likes to be high.

  2. No need to kick a man when he down. Sure he has his issues but cmon bro… You and him live different lives. No need to judge anyone else. But if you want views and comments? Congrats you got sir!

  3. This dude has the balls to talk shit about josh G but I bet this dudes eyes are pinned for some reasons also this dude can’t even speak proper with a dumbass or MCer. DR. Moron

  4. I feel horrible for those who have an addiction to any substance. By God's mercy there goes I. What's so unbelievable is that people are upset about the football player, when we should all be worried about our brother. Many people are suffering from addictions. Whether or not it's a sexual or drug/alcohol, or an eating disorders. There are many forms of addictions. I am sure this man or anyone else in his condition doesn't wakes up each morning with the mindset to purposely destroy his reputation, his family life, or his career. To this man and many like him. I send blessing, love and peace. Hold your head up high victory is yours in the name of our lord. Bless-mmm word by Jarvis Landry

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