1. 👏❤👏❤👏❤👏❤👏❤👏
    👊❤ Whatching from Brazil (Escrevi certo? Tentei não usar o tradutor)

  2. November 24, 2018 (11 months later) Thanks for being REAL in this video. I think most people appreciate YouTubers being transparent and authentic over being fake. Having said that… I think you should do more whisky videos…. with kittens… because that is what the viewers REALLY want to watch.

  3. ok i understand this but all careers have competition. it just feels heavier when you don't work for someone because when you do that you don't usually have to change and grow as much like your boss will increase the employees if they want to grow and you can just keep doing the same thing pretty much…but there's definitely still competition. or when you're working on commission which is kind of the same concept youtube has people work in (ads) then you have to hustle for it a lot more than just being guaranteed a salary for showing up and not getting fired lol

  4. I love it way more now. When I watch any of your videos I feel like everyone is seeing you for who you are, like your pretty much the same person in real life and on YouTube ? Don't know if it's true, but it looks to be your honest real personality, along with your actual true opinions and stuff like that. People love that shit. 🤑🤑👽👽

  5. Uh I actually prefer how you do youtube now, its not so overdrawn and exaggerated as before, its more real, and you seem more like you actually are in real life (i assume)

  6. Not calling you a baby or whatever, and i really hate the word "privilidge", but your in a very ideal position that most people are envious of. Lets keep in mind that the vast, vast majority of people dont even have the choice to quit- they dont have these options, there stuck in a job they dont like. You can change so many aspects of what you do without any real consequence and thats a – i hate this word – privilidge.

    You say youtube isint your job- but it is. Its your livelyhood, youve signed contracts, made deals, adapted and changed to stay relevant- in no way is this not a job.

    Really my point is, lots of people have jobs they hate, but that dosent mean they live bad lives! You can still do other things and if your not, or your not even trying- then you really have no right to complain.

    Im not usually on this side of things, but to you, pewdiepie, and to any other youtuber or celebrity with a comprable level of sucsess, i will say…

    Suck it up.

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