1. I have been smoking Cannabis for most of my life (since 12) , and been growing cannabis for the last 11 years. I GET HIVES, always have, always will. I just deal with it. Straight up. The benefits outway the ichyness/hives. Just gotta not touch your skin after breaking up joints/trimming/touching flowering plants. AHAHAH, trimming makes my entire arms go into hives. BUT FUCK IT I LOVE MARY JANE, and life isn't about focusing on what is wrong, life is about focusing on what is right…so i'm not gonna get histamines, or pills, or any other crap. Gonna go ahead and just enjoy life, and canna…….Focus on the good: At least it doesn't close up our wind pipes when we smoke it 🙂

  2. Live plant have a defence. Rub you forarm across some plants, if no reaction. Shake the plant a few times. Try again. If you keep doing this the plant will produce terps and at some piont you will get a small rash on you forarm. Thats how plants say, bugger off and stop eating me.✌💚💨🥓

  3. I think that dude should check his plant under the microscope there's a possibility he could have parasitic mites which do exist. Mites like bird mites chiggers even spider mites occasionally bite people. Some of them are microscopic and cannot be seen by the human eye. But the symptoms he described is not an allergic reaction it's a mite infestation.

  4. hey pissahseeds, 2 questions, are you vegan? (weird question but in my experience vegan diet makes for cheap skin, and anxiety…) and 2 do you use beneficial insects? and living soil? ok that was 3. I have experienced symptoms of allergies to cannabis and I agree with guru I think it could be certain terpenes but anyway, …. pm me if you want I d like to exchange ideas. I pretty much live in the grow room since I do not vent outside so I often think I am slowly becoming more and more allergic…

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