1. Im trying to understand how to wire in the THC, I as you have the THC150. I understand the THC SD as its much easer to understand, at least for me. but I'm at a lose when it comes to wiring in the THC150 this is the BOB that I Have. Im hoping you can help me. Im finding it incredibly hard to get information i can understand.  It may be I'm getting it all wrong and it needs to be connect to the Z axes controller. just not sure.

  2. Stefan your videos on plasma cnc tables are the best I've seen on youtube that being said I'm not CNC savvy and could use some help. if your willing id like to send you some pictures and get some advice my address is [email protected]gmail.com if your ok with that send me a message if i don't get one from you ill understand. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Uff I was searching on multiple forums to find out some entry level plasma for my CNC that will allow me to create some projects. As always on every single one everyone is talking about hypermax, or some other magic cutters that are worthy half of my car. And then you are showing me that it works on 40A cheap plasma.
    Thank you, I was losing hope.

  4. Concise and well put together. I have a significantly bigger (still Chinese) plasma cutter (LOTOS 8000 80 amp) but principles are the same. Connected to my plasma table and needed to install the PROMA THC. Had done a lot of "homework" but your video was excellent and helped confirm all that I had discovered and confirmed my approach to installing the THC. After the usual hiccups, got it working fine and it makes all the difference. Thanks for the video, a real help despite negativity of some of the comments.

  5. Stefan can you answer this question plz? The Harbor Freight does not have a High Frequency start correct? I was wondering if the Chinese cutters CUT-50F you can find on ebay are HF start? I am wondering about EM interference to the rest of electronics. Thanx!

  6. Your instructions are very informative. I have a question on the THC. Where does the Z-axis get the signal to move the actual torch up and down? Does the THC hook to your board and it send signal of voltage to move the Z-axis motor up and down? I am still having trouble with that part.

  7. I'm in the planning process on my cnc plasma table now and your videos have been a great help. I'm still on the fence on what plasma machine to get, which has been your favorite so far?

  8. Hi Stefan, I love the way you build your Plasma cutters. After watching your channel I decided to build my own CNC Plasma cutter. Now, I'm planning to buy the PowerPlasma 80S from Everlast, but I don't know if its worth it to buy the CNC Torch too or just work with the torch that came with the plasma? I'm planning to cut 1/2 inch steel plate. Any help is more than welcome!

  9. I think this is the best THC "guide" setup video in (in english) that i've found on youtube! been searching for something like this for months! Keep up the good work Stefan! I enjoy all your other videos aswell!

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