Grow- Organic indoor cannabis- Veg. stage

This documentary Depicts the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of …


  1. What SIZE & BRAND Humidifier you got there bro ? I'll be doing my 1st grow ever, using Auto-Flowers…. I have a small 3x3x' tent. Let me know about the HUMIDIFIER, ALWAYS like watching you videos.. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much! I have learned alot, you are so informative and it really helps us new growers!
    Look forward to your other videos.
    Also at with times should I change the light cycle?

  3. Dank video my dude, any way you can give up your soil recipe , what you use and in what quantities? Would be awesome if I could get a reply been watching for a year now!

  4. My dude, my dude, my MF dude… So I've been watching all kinds of videos about cultivation. From soil to lighting, fertilizer to watering, and so on…. for about 3 days. Lots and lots of videos. I came across this video and thought, "20 minutes"? I'll give it a watch I guess, but my attention span is about as long Hogsqueal's from the Spiderwick Chronicles…. Anyway, I was blown away in the first 5 minutes. This video is just plain DOPE! Very informative, and just well done. You went over so much and explained it all in great detail. Seriously man, You nailed it through and through. My only complaint is, I could have saved so much time if I watched this video 3 days ago! Dude, if you haven't already, please do a video about all the terminology that comes with growing cannabis. You covered quite a bit of it in this video, but it would be great to learn all the terminology surrounding the cultivation of cannabis. For example, what's a node? What are tricombs? (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) Just terms like that… Anyway brother, great video. And now I'm going to watch it again… Deuces ✌

  5. Cali green, fabulous videos, I'm a salt based grower from UK, I shall be switching to organic as the overall quality and yield seem to be way above average. May I ask something, your compost tea, if you made 2 gallons for the 1 plant that's in veg, will the remaining compost tea sit till you need to give it again in 2 weeks time or will I need to make a fresh batch.

    Much love my brother

  6. I’ve watched a few of your videos now and you’ve got it mastered by the looks of it, was wondering seems you use LST , instead of topping have you ever considered bending the main stem until it snaps ? About 3-5 nodes down? I use this instead of topping and it has the same affect it diverts hormones to lower branches and also has the main stem branches all start growing towards the light and creates a even bush canopy.

  7. Good infos here – I like the compost tea and the clover groundcover the most. Only criticism: CO2 supplementation I would only consider for completely sealed rooms that have only cycle ventilation. With a duct fan I'ts like turning the heater up while all windows are open and expect it to get all cozy in the living-room 😉
    Oh yea and thanks for the time-lapse I always like those big time!

  8. thank you for the new post. it helped me to help my ladies… unfortunate I had to leave town for a couple months and one of my ladies got sick and now the second is getting sick too. I can't wait to get back home and start my new crop… I guess I'm not as upset as I should've been because of my ladies illness since I got the seeds from years of smoking, some of my seeds go back to 2011 or even farther… They were doing great until I had to leave town…. I have a lot more seeds 100's a can use in my next crop but I decided to buy regular Feminized seeds for my next grow. I've learned a lot from my first grow tent so I'm happy with the outcome and I will use all that I had learned from YOU to succeed in my next (2nd) grow ever. Please keep a good job in continuing let us leaning along the way… GREAT JOB CALI GREEN!!!!

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