Gelato, Oregon Legalizing Shrooms, CCC Flower Line, Steph Curry/Moon Landing | REAL ONES PODCAST #9

REAL ONES PODCAST: EPISODE 9 – 12/15/18 * TOPIC TIMESTAMPS * – Podcast Starts @ 3:30 – This date in history: 4:45 – Word of the day: 6:26 – Ice Cube’s …


  1. From Oregon here, coincidentally haha- but I think that with the testing labs, it just comes down to the simple fact that it is way more about profit than science. I think they probably just don't care how accurate it is.

  2. Can you guys explain terpx in another podcast? I feel like you guys are part of something really special over there at terpx and its about time the CCC community hears about it.

  3. Indica and sativa is all marketing. There is no scientific difference whatsoever between a so-called Indica plant or a so-called city of sativa. Yes certain plants have certain characteristics and they are deemed sativa and Indica based on that but there is no genetic marker that distinguishes either type.

  4. I remember the waffle perc bong that was one of the first times i was mesmerized by just straight stacking bubbles. Shane's take on the flower state was great lol. What's the number you need lbs at to drop a ccc weed line? Call it the Connoisseur and it has to be the best stuff.

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