1. Jamaica monnitery funds come in in investment in ganja n use the in coming money to fix our hospitals n school n 🏠 house in that's falling apart could we build back all saint 🏫 school

  2. The ganja is one off jamica future cure for most n all illness to come mark mark my words jamica needs to invest in medical marijuana ganja the us has one billion dollar invested in pharmacutical medical marijuana get on board n invest jamaica

  3. Y is the medication so expensive goin back to mi good bushes mi ah goooh boil mi a cup a bush tea goin to c my bush bush doctor him have the cure mmmm good yeaa Mon eeeh

  4. The lack of equipment existed before Jlp came into power. Funny how it wasn’t news then. Shows the corruption in the media. All these problems were inherited from the previous government. But because of the the political tribalism within the media these information was not made news

  5. For years the staff at kph if a doctor order you to get ultra sound or something and u go to that department to make appointment they show u a book that it is full and take out their friends business card and send you there to pay money they work with the doctors outside for poor people to pay money, the government must look at those appointment books it is false. Kph is not free the only thing u don't pay is the registration fee but when u on the ward and need to do other things your family has to find money to take u out for treatment it's not free for those who can't find it them dead Jamaica is so corrupt when will it stop, those elevators not working since 1983 or 85 I remember I got stuck a n one went to look for someone years ago and got stuck in it

  6. Dead man mckenzy can't tell people how to spend them money and on what and where him a government him must do what he has to do with the country tax money him a chat like him a bad up people to do what he want them to do fucking dictator .

  7. That police should never be on TV instead he said we will do what it takes to make things better he making excuses that is not only jamaican doing it that is not the travel business they paid to be safe in Jamaica and that should be the Jamaicans government

  8. What is really going on here? Countries with fewer resources are managing to sustain a good level of health care…why is Jamaica any different? On another note the tourist should stay away…that is the only way the government will do something about this plague in the nation. We need to hold these politicians accountable and stop focusing on foolishness.

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