Farrah Abraham Claims The Show Face The Truth Is Lying about the Results of Her Drug Test

Farrah comes back to stage and says that she wants to improve her relationship with her mother. Farrah and Debra share a hug, the first they’ve had in a long …


  1. wowww .. this panel needs to learn from Dr Phil. There is a way to keep patience and empathy and get through to someone.. all they did was rile her up

  2. I did not even recognize Vivica A. Fox. When I started watching this I immediately thought that the host sounds like Vivica A. Fox. After the video I saw that in the description it was her. Time is a cruel and brutal master.

  3. I'm watching one of your shows the attorney on your show says the cops are there for our protection. The law is that they are not there for my safety I am in charge of my own safety. You need to stop lying to the people

  4. I do not think her upbringing (before 18), excuses her behavior. Even if Farrah's mom was hard on her, it does not excuse her behavior. She acts like an entitled spoiled brat and she has a little girl she needs to set an example for. When you become a parent you stop that shit.

  5. This is seriously one dumb lab or host🙄 it DOES MATTER! Her false positive was probably an actual.. or she's getting migraine medicine, but aspirin can cause a false positive anyway who tf prescribes barbiturates now days anyway except for migraines?🤣 lke she's going through the trouble of getting coffee table drugs, idiots!!!
    I'd sue this show!!

  6. I don't like Farrah, she's the epitome of trash but this is Hollywood here. They know train wreck Farrah is a hit on television and no one cares to watch a boring journey of her, or anyone for that matter, trying to clean up her image. It wouldn't be far fetched for them to have made her results positive to keep her image of the bad girl, to keep booking her on these show to see her make a fool of herself and bring in views

  7. She flew off the hinges about a drug test positive reading when she should have shrugged it off! She wana act like she don’t car but cry for help the next min. Sis u can not play wolf and sheep

  8. why go on a show if you're going to get upset for them asking questions you had to know would be asked – she is so childish. Grow up, you had a child at 16 and you've turned it into fame, its sad!

  9. I like the show. Something that helps to take us from the crazy world. Vivica, my girl, send me that red dress on Thursday's episode. You look amazing! What's your facial routine? Keep it moving and don't care about the hatere!!!

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