1. I’ve been smoking weed daily for over ten years with no significant changes in lung function. Avid swimmer if my lungs were turning to shit from the weed I’d know. When I was a cigarette smoker I got bronchitis after 3 weeks of smoking menthols. I know the government wants us to think weed is bad buts it’s literally a cure all that’s why it was illegalalized

  2. All good but I’m really looking into my health. I love weed and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up, but I need to see some sources. You give none you just tell me all the “benefits”. If it can cause cancer I’ll just eat edibles from now one when I wanna get high.

  3. I smoked weed for 4 years, in the last 2 years I was doing it regularly once a day (with some rare break) until I started having lungs and throat pains, so I started to look for information on how to Limitate the damage of smoke and I read that bongs filter tar (big bullshit ) so I bought one(because edibles and vaporizers aren't available were I live) but the pains kept coming so I tried to stop to see if they would go away. The lungs pains are almost dissapeared but I started to feel a weird pain on the back and the stern, I'm sure it's bone pain… Fuck this stupid pro pot propaganda you are full of shit

  4. Medical marijuana gave my dying aunt 2 more years to live, she had cancer, and for 1.5 of those years she could work and have fun, without weed she would’ve died much sooner

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