Cultivating Crime: Black market marijuana is complex in Colorado

Legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado was supposed to weaken the illegal market for the drug. An Insight investigation shows just the opposite.


  1. Washington state is booming with black market .There's a old 80 year old man in terrace heights washington that still continues to grow in his shop.
    He to grew under the Medical card buddy garden business .
    The sheriff once went there on a horrific domestic violence call the owner had weapons and a concealed weapons permit which is against all laws and rules .
    The DEA was also called to do a inspection on the grow after the home medical growing came to a STOP.
    Nothing has been done! he continues to grow and sell his pot Laws and Neighborhood protection means SHIT to law enforcement .
    And as we all pay taxes this jack ass rides for free

  2. It's only a crime because the government didn't get their cut. No different than when the mob extortes people for protection money. The police are not the good guys. They're just another gang.

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