CBD Oil for Dogs – MediPets CBD OIL – Healthy and Natural Calming and PAIN Relief

CBD Oil is one of the best natural supplements for dogs. It can aid in pain relief, ease hot spots and calm anxiety issues. Not all CBD oils are the same, that is …


  1. Amazing information I've been using CBD with 2 yrs with some THC three drops two times a day. 10 yr old Lab with hip problems couldn't hardly walk at times she started acting like a 5 yr old dog. Have always put on food its actually been a miracle healing process. Dogs don't fake a cure. I've been told it's wrong to give my dog THC but she's been very happy hardly believe she's stoned with 2% THC mixed in . When someone says anything negative I say what meds is your dog on I've been told many meds that have serious side effects she's been on CBD and nothing else. It's truly a miracle med so much I use the CBD plus THC at night I myself am med free even Advil. It worked so well on are baby just had to use no more big pharmaceutical in this house hold. Robert your officially the number one trainer on UTube

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