1. Yeah Guyz, i use CBD for my chronic pain and anxiety, and let me tell you something … IT WORKS !!!
    i got some friends, US Veteran… THEY DAMN LOVE CBD !!!!
    life savior plants ! only issue is to get the product in europe….
    I found http://www.plantandhemp.com and they are perfect for me, lot of choice and the website is smooth…

    Thanks for all, and share the CBD love !

  2. People are waking up and realizing that doctors and big pharma don’t care about our health. For them it’s all about the $$$. Medical marijuana will hopefully replace many drugs that people are taking. We don’t need docs to sell us on their prescriptions! Many areas opioids are just not prescribed. People live with chronic pain and many docs don’t Care. We are lucky that medical marijuana is available. It’s value has nothing to do with the decor in the dispensary waiting room. It has everything to do with the fact that it works.

  3. medical sciences are extracting medicines from snakes poison.
    But saying Marijuana is not good for health.
    (of course it has no nutrients that can replace food nutrients and person can eat it as an alternative for food. but still it is having its own ground of work and power)
    WHY beneficial things (chemicals) are not extracted from Marijuana.
    ~~~~~Marijuana VS Poison~~~~~
    due to that humans are getting alienated from the earths touch of essence – facing effects if their own foolishness.

  4. Obviously this "doctor" has never seen a MRI of a brain, subjected to Marijuana. The huge holes where the brain is being eaten away as it is under any type of medication. The brain doesn't differentiate between "medical marijuana" and "recreational marijuana." In any case, I would never take a "doctor's" opinion on anything. Most of the medications they prescribe are placebo or dangerous and most if not all of them come with a warning of "discontinue if death should occur." lol

  5. Marijuana, or cannabis, like many other drugs that doctors currently prescribe, is not without side effects. However, it also has shown promising medical benefits. Like any other drug, I believe it should be thoroughly researched so that we can be more clear on its benefits and side effects. In order to do this, restrictions should be lifted to allow it to be more thoroughly researched. Then patients can be given clear information on the drug, so they can give informed consent on its risks and benefits. This process can start by removing it as a schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 drugs are defined as drugs with no current, accepted medical use and with a high potential for abuse. However, results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions showed that marijuana had a significantly lower addiction rate than other drugs like nicotine and alcohol. Transition to dependence was listed as 8.9% for marijuana, 22.7% for alcohol and 67.5% for nicotine users. There have already been cases where medical marijuana has helped patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and children with epilepsy, showing that there are potential medical benefits of cannabis.

  6. No suppository high thing , thanks . Am sure they will sell alot of Vaseline about the fact but … no . Its about bad business . Sodomite had to be stop . Who'll be the next in Line for hard beat ?

  7. dont want to crash the party or maybe i do, the government is the one behind the promotion of marijuana n america, another cia interest, they try to hide thier tracks by getting phyco whats his face ag jeff sessions to tell all americans how evil pot is, the cia are like a bunch of degenerate children always playing both sides of the equation, kgb phycos all the way to the grave, you notice there cant be one brand of pot in america there has to be 15 or 20 different levels of high and we dont want to over look the edibles of course, yea the government has thier hand in the pot, trust me, and dont forget oliva newton john also promoting the many virtues of pot, thanks onj now go back to fighting cancer, we all love your militant spirit, john mccain would-be proud as i imagine jeffery dahmer as well, everyone loves a fighter well except when you are being attacked by one off course, dont worry onj you aint passive aggressive everyone else is, yea, its a safe bet the government has their hand firmly planted in the pot industry deny it as much as trump denys tax evasion and guess what its still true all day long and of course beer and drunks are a big intetest for cgG church government God also known ad bb big brother and the american court system from dui to divorce lawyers and everything in between, welcome to america the land of slaves and jails from sea to shining sea

  8. Dr. Casarett took a very interesting approach to this issue that I was not expecting. It's true, medical marijuana needs to be rescheduled to allow for further research into what its potential benefits are which leads to most physicians unable to inform patients on its uses. What I wasn't expecting is Dr. Casarett’s conclusion that physicians need to take a page from medical marijuana dispensaries when it comes to listening to patients.
    What I think Dr. Casarett was emphasizing in his talk is the ethical standard of shared decision making between patients and their physician when it comes to informed consent. Both parties play extremely important roles, the physician has the medical knowledge, but the patient knows their values, goals, and preferences. Dr. Casarett tells us that in his experience, medical marijuana dispensaries, although not run by medical personnel, take the time to talk to patients and determine what the patient's goals and preferences are to suggest to them which strain the patient should be using. In these cases, chronically ill patients regain some control over their lives because they essentially choose every aspect of this treatment: how to use it, how much to use, when to use, etc.
    When physicians don’t take the time to sit down with patients and mutually decide on the patient’s treatment, a large aspect of informed consent is lost. Like Dr. Casarett said, this makes the patient feel like they have lost even more control over their lives and they are more prone to search for alternative medicine. It’s because of this that I must agree with Dr. Casarett, there are a lot of things that physicians can learn from patients who use medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries.

  9. Imagine it took 70+ years for that Patient to discover this plant and then.. it took this doctor David Casarett 50+ years to discover the information behind cannabis.. Now imagine on a global scale every doctor getting the same education as this DR had… we are all programmed by the system , folks, for the benefit of the system and not our humanity

  10. So there's a company that helps with getting your medical marijuana card. Everything from getting you in contact with the doctor to setting up your consultation and getting you your card. There's a fee that includes the cost of the card and that is fully refunded if you're not approved. I just signed up for mine. They're legit. check them out. https://secure.veriheal.com/embedded/?Disp=10701

  11. Dr. David Casarett cares greatly about his patients, and I appreciate the time and research he has dedicated to the subject of a hotly contested topic in my home state: medical marijuana (MMJ). He states that MMJ distributed by marijuana dispensaries ‘gives control’ back to patients because they don't have to deal with medical appointments or pharmacies, which are far more restrictive and regulated. Casarett’s argument essentially reflects the ethical principle of autonomy, which means ‘self-rule,’ and encompasses the idea that ‘people should be allowed to shape their lives in accordance with their core values’ (Bernard Lo, Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: A Guide for Clinicians).

    While I can see how these dispensaries could do a lot of good for patients, we need to be cautious. The lack of restriction creates an environment where some may choose to abuse that freedom of access to an addictive substance. Instead of helping select groups of patients, it could end up hurting many others.

  12. For god sake please legalise this in whole world I'm tired of my brother's and my loved one's are dieing slowly .
    We pay the money to develop your fuckinh big pharma. But let us use it.

  13. Well if there is anyone watching this that’s currently on opiates, just know that once you’re off opiates for at least 6 weeks.. marijuana will feel different… better. I know you probably think “cannabis isn’t strong enough” or even “when I take it I hurt more” BUT THATS BECAUSE OF THE OPIATES. It feels totally different now. I have severe arthritis and was on opiates for 7 years. My doctor said I have a spine of an 80 year old spine.. I have 4 herniated disks and a cyst in my spine. I decided enough was enough and I was sick of being dependent on a pill and becoming addicted.. now I take edibles or oil with no opiates. You can do it as well, it’ll change your life. Cannabis doesn’t change who YOU truly are. Opiates do.

    Now get off them opiates and live a new life.

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