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HelpX and Workaway are two sites that provide opportunities for those who want to travel and volunteer work in exchange for free lodging and/or food. Although …


  1. Kait, per your recommendation, we have purchased and have been "experimenting" with our Instant Pot. It's a bit of learning curve for us but so far, so good. Thanks mucho for your guidance (an Joe's of course.) Hope to someday see you in person – once we've gotten our Class-B. Cheers from Indianapolis, IN.

  2. Joe if you get a chance may I suggest you google search “nutrition facts org back pain” for some great information about back pain
    As well as “Miranda Esmonde White” I borrowed her books Forever Painless and Aging Backwards, from the library and found them very helpful with my own back pain. Another Google search “essentrics workout youtube”
    Hope you get a chance to look into these and you find them helpful. Take care happy safe travels

  3. Hey guys it's me I've decided to tell y'all that I finished traveling the u.s. and I'm half way through Mexico after this trip I'll go up to Canada before settling in my hometown of chicago

  4. While I've been catching up on your videos today I've been wondering how you're doing missing Leo. We, your thousands of followers and long distance friends,miss beautiful Leo too. It's tough, and there's no shortcut around grief. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Joe and Kait, I think the first time I realized how dedicated you two are to this Van Life venture is when I watched the Goodbye to Leo video. As a pet owner well acquainted with the pain of losing a loved companion, I know that wasn’t easy for you to perform and record that episode. It is this dedication to transparency, and to your audience, that deepens your bond with your fan base. I am positive you will two will be a huge success!

    Leo was very fortunate to share his time on this earth with two such caring and loving pet parents. And I’m positive he knew it. Mourn, but remember all the wonderful and goofy memories you have of your time with him. I’m positive he’d tell you that himself if he could. And know that he’s cancer-free and pain-free and chasing butterflies with wild abandon.

    A fan…Ted

  6. Hi Joe and Kait. I'm not sure which Instant Pot you are using, so I wanted to let you know that on February 17th, the company issued a warning on their community facebook page to stop using the Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicooker from batchcodes 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746, which is on a silver label underneath the cooker. Some are overheating and melting.

  7. I think there might have been something "strange" on the vegetables Kait picked/ate; … she sounded like she was coming down with something at the end there.

    Btw, good for you for admitting and talking about missing Leo; seems too often there is the initial burst of sorrow/grief and then no one wants to admit or talk about it like it's something that can be turned on/off like a switch.

  8. Great idea, working on a farm for vegis. I picked peaches when I was a young teen ager and ate so many, I could hardly take the crop in… They were sooooo good right off the tree. Cute shtick at the end there. Miss Leo. Waaa.

  9. I wasn't going to say anything but seeing as you brought Leo up, it's so strange now watching your videos without him. Just letting you know we miss Leo also.
    Love Tombstone, one of my favorite places in southern Arizona and if you've never been there next time you come by here in Kingman be sure to stop by Oatman, dirt streets, gunfights and burros, burros, burros.

    Dance the Skies

  10. Lol – the ending! Thanks for mentioning Leo. I know it's probably hard for you to, but believe me, long time viewers are thinking of him through each video, and missing him too. <3

  11. I'm new to tiny house on wheels living. How do you walk through cutzy shops without temptation? I swing from enjoying the eye candy for what it is to wanting to buy "stuff" mostly because it's a habit I haven't broken yet. Where's the balance?

  12. Watching your video about leaving Tucson and exploring Tombstone and Bisbee, brought many, many fond memories when I was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. My regular job in the Air Force was Administrative Specialist but I also sang for the "Men In Blue', the base singing group. During my two and a half wonderful years in Tucson, I was able to get away with the "Men In Blue" to the small towns (like Tombstone, Bisbee, and other Arizona towns, and sing patriotic and military songs for the local town people during holidays and other occasions. I am 71 years old now but I will never forget those very special moments in Arizona. I have thought about working my way from South Florida to Arizona in a class B RV and see those towns again. I am also sorry to hear that Leo has passed away. I have had several wonderful Doberman Pinchers in the past (and lost them too) so I understand how you feel today. You both are a loving couple. Keep making those videos!

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