Woman dies from brain-eating amoeba after using neti pot

A woman who was told by her doctor to rinse her sinuses twice daily to clear up a chronic sinus infection died from a brain-eating amoeba. The woman, 69 from …


  1. Netipods aren't good if you want to help your sinuses from sinus infections or allergies then use sinus rinse from neilmed the most popular medical brand used in hospitals all over the world.

  2. If little is known about  it or how humans contract it. How in the hell can you say it was from filtered water unless they live in a 3rd world country with poor water conditions. it make little to no sense.

  3. when cleaning my nose. i just use a water glass. mix up distilled water with enough salt to bring tears to your eyes. then i drink the salt water up my nose and spit it out my mouth. it looks gross so i do it in private. have plenty to blow your nose on after. salt is a strong poison a glass dries out easily. the brita filter removes chlorine nettie pot may not dry out . water promotes growth of what ever. my water is untreated well water so i drink distilled.

  4. She trusted who? with her "own" body ??? Once an MA, instructed me to do the same with a prescribed flushing agent. I didnt do it. I had lived so many years without the idea up to that point. Boy am i glad i didnt.

  5. manufacturers tell on the package to only use distilled water or a saline solution for nose irrigation purposes…she should have went to the doctor first rather than trying to deal with a sinus infection on her own at her age, but maybe it was her time to move on…God calls everyone when he's ready, not when you are….in Jesus name, Amen 🙏

  6. So, it's my understanding that it was the untreated (well water), that went through a Brita Filter, that she got amoeba? Like, how do they bathe in this water all the time, and not get these creepers up their nose before? Are you sure it wasn't from a bath? Most nose solutions have an added packet of "washing crystals" that helps with the ph of the water. Plus the wash is usually body temperature. Quit blaming the netti pot.

  7. First off, you need to clean the neti pot after each use, especially if you using purified water. I have one that is like a water pick that shoots the water up, but I don't use purified water and I use a saline solution, and when finished I leave it so it completely dries out before using it again.

  8. use sterile water
    with a tap running in the background….genius

    We'll be having more deaths now from people using tap water…
    How about just use distilled water and don't worry about it

  9. Fun Fact…There's trillions of non-human cells in our bodies. In fact, there's about 10 times more of them than human cells. It's part of our evolution over millions of years. And we encounter trillions of bacteria, viruses, and parasites (like this particular ameoba) in everyday life. In other words, she was just very unlucky one of the trillions managed to get into her brain.

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