Willie Nelson On Eggs, Martial Arts & Living A Life Without Worry | Southern Living

Southern music legend Willie Nelson has been around through decades of music, yet he’s still selling out shows all around the world to all ages. There’s a …


  1. I also play Spanish guitar (actually I am a teacher) and have written many songs. Would love to send you some for you to listen to. N.B. Not looking for recording contract but would like the songs to be a tribute to you.

  2. God bless you Willy. You are truly amazing. Love your attitude to life and your great sense of humour. Love to meet you one day. Would love to help you live many more years. Have you considered stuff like HGH or it´s secretagogue Ibutamoren. Take a look at Geoffrey life´s website. All the best Willy. Keep on trucking and giving this world your beautiful songs

  3. Hey Willie, You are the king of country and mushrooms. Love it. Youtube: Simply Love by Denise Spurlock. I wrote this song with you in mind to sing it. If interested, let me know. I am on twitter by the name Denise R. Spurlock. I am following you on twitter.

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