1. I recently decided to stop smoking. I never was the one to smoke everyday or even every week, but I did it here and there as a social thing. I noticed that when I was high I was more sexually charged. It’s been a few times I’ve been astral raped😳 if you don’t know what that is it’s when a Spirit or demon has sexual intercourse with you without your permission so they can snatch your energy… it mainly happened when I smoked the strain Sativa. I’m happy to watch your video to give me further confirmation🤲🏾✨💯

  2. Awe girl !! We are the same ! I stopped smoking when I was 17 and I’m 19. I also went to an academy my senior year of high school (a Christian academy not a military one) and that’s where I started bettering myself and getting closer to God. God bless you and please don’t stop making these 💕 they really are a huge blessing!

  3. You were feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit praise Jesus Christ 🙌🏽. I have a question what is your input on makeup 💄, high heels 👠, and like fitted clothing as a true Jesus Christ follower ??

  4. wow this brought me to tears this is something I have been feeling and thinking about and I truly feel god brought me to your channel so I could find THIS video I am truly going to give my struggle with weed to god and fight with all of my power to get rid of the hold the devil has of me. Thank you for this video!

  5. Weed at first used to be fun but then I started getting paranoid and I knew it was God telling me to stop but I kept ignoring it. I thought I was the only one that felt like this…. I love you though girl I'm gonna keep watching your videos God bless you 💘

  6. wow your very wise i had some problems not with drugs but with porn and everything your saying is shinning light on the devil. Its crazy because i would here whispers and pressure in my head and low self esteem. It drove me back to porn. Thank God for this generation who are exposing the devil and his lies now im afraid to team with him.

  7. I didn't have static but my ears would go "dim" like someone had there hands over my ears and I couldn't hear well. I acquired a familiar spirit through smoking weed. I was delivered earlier this year, thank Jesus!

  8. I was very attached to weed because of family abuse when I was a child, and all my stomach and psychological issues followed me into adulthood. Satan convinced me I needed weed from age 14-20, and I was okay with using the excuses. I told myself it allowed me to eat and not be depressed, but every time I smoked, horribly invasive thoughts and flashbacks of abuse would plague me. When I was delivered from my physical and mental issues and was healed through Christ, a few days later he revealed to me that I shouldn't be smoking. Every time I picked it up he told me, "you don't need it." And every time I would get high after my deliverance it was just like your experience, I hated it. It was like, one day I thought I could never live without it, and through the grace of God the very next day I stopped and have never smoked since with no urges, and I was someone who smoked a lot just like you. God bless you Jessica. I'm so happy he has shared this with you too. He took away all the problems I thought I would have to live with forever.

  9. I swear I was meant to find you, like everything you've been through is so similar to my experience. Currently trying to stop smoking weed for the lord, I was also deceived by the new age movement for most of my teenage life thinking I was so special and an "indigo child", it is funny to me now. Like last night I was smoking and these lyrics from a song kept playing in my head "heaven knows we belong way down below", and I kept immediately drawing away from that thought, but it was almost like I myself wasn't even thinking it I would just notice it coming and me going along with it. Pray for me, I have to stop. I'm so dependent

  10. Youre truely amazing! Thank you for your videos like this, I'm just starting my walk and God is starting to show me things like what i should and shouldnt be doing.. The last time recently I got high, it was the worst ever I couldn't wait for it to be over, I felt so uncomfortable and scared and I kept seeing stuff every time I closed my eyes like demons mocking me because I gave in again. They would disappear when I opened my eyes but I Just wanted it to stop.. I used to rely heavily on it to get thru each day because of my anxiety, and I've noticed now that I don't really get anxiety. When I do, I start praying instead of giving in to the alcohol and weed, I say "you no longer have power over me, I don't need you, I am a child of God and his love for me is enough." And the bad feelings go away.. It's just so nice to have someone to relate to and know you're not alone! Thanks so much!

  11. Awsome video! I smoked weed for 10 years 12-23 finally quit 11 Months Ago I Started Having Panick Attacks After Getting High Thanks To God He Made It Very Easy For Me To Quit Lol God Bless

  12. I have goosebumps, your story is so similar to mine, even down to the young age relationship. Keep being an amazing light in this dark world and keep posting videos for us to watch 🙂

  13. Great video. One thing I love about your videos is that you tell us how practical Christianity is. How that the Lord is very interested in every detail of our lives, on a daily basis. Thank you!

  14. rastafarians believe cannabis is the tree of life. i still believe in its medicinal purposes for people who actually need it like children who suffer seizures but not for people who abuse it. Everytime i say this people tell me well you can abuse anything like shopping and food, and money addiction -.-

  15. I just love you and your Videos 😊 I’m so happy that I ran across your channel and I’m beyond proud of just how much you’ve overcome keep these uplifting videos coming 🙏🏽

  16. Yes! This video has definitely been a great blessing. I myself use to think and say the same things. Going on about a week and half sober I stopped a couple days after watching your testimony which I believe was my answer from the lord, I was smoking 4 to 5x everyday. Can’t wait till I reach 6 months. Congratulations on going 2yrs strong. I pray that God continues to bless you. Keep spreading his word because it’s definitely helping. Love you girl 🤗💖

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