1. In New York apartment and condo are synonymous. Townhomes are usually multilevel spaces in a building connected to other kinda like how Duplexes are House contented to another house. On the west coast apartments are known as multi family units you lease for a year and condos are multi family units you own or lease for multiple years at a time.

  2. Please please call a chiropractor to possibly get some help. One that will do a decompression of your spine.

    And the doctors office you are being billed from is probably going to send you a bill for each procedure down to the vitals check of the nurse separately. Some offices will bill the insurance under every person that says hi to you so they can get paid what they want. Please call your insurance company and explain to them that you feel you are falsely being charged, would they please tell you what your total copay would be. And if the doctors office is telling you anything different, file fraud charges thru the state board of medicine.

  3. I am nurse in the U.S. and i also have chronic back pain, and even working in the healthcare system i have learned that western medicine is the worst for addressing these kind of health issues. they run all these expensive tests and then tell you "oh well, we cant really fix it." super frustrating.

  4. You should really consider what you put in your body. Everything affects you, even the one can of pop people drink. Opioids makes your body swell & retain water. Which can make your blood acidic & muscles stiff. I have a band for my back so I don’t slouch, which helps with neck pain.

  5. LILLZ! IVE GOT IT! (mebbe?).
    Esp after watching yer n Helbig’s podcast. Content/unscripted sort of non-content that you did over at that place that can’t be branded because it was never scripted I just had an epiphany for a title for a free-form thing you can do to include all of the cool stuff you guys did over there in that place that she’ll remain nameless that is not property of anyone because it was never skated so OK here’s my big idea for the title of your perhaps part of your channel… “Today’s Time Out”! The possibilities are endless! It’s all inclusive. Doesn’t close any doors. And there’s no effing way I would ever want to mention if you end up using that or some version of that phrase to move forward to be able to do what you wanna do. It just popped into my lil brain right now after watching your podcast w Grace- and you guys mentioning stuff like this

  6. So I was subscribed to you since you made a YouTube account,but I had never seen beauty break…I just watched the ep reviewing pillows.. so funny. (Do u still profit from views? I wanna watch more cause they're hilarious but I have a feeling we shouldn't keep supporting the company! Thoughts?

  7. I have major neck pain (from whiplash as a young kid). I hope it gets better for you!!! But I just need to say, and I will pass this on to the other clever kids channels, that I love all of you. If I was having a bad day I knew that I can go to the Clevver Channel and I would be able to find something that would make me laugh. You guys always made me smile and I hope you all keep making videos and that Clevver comes back strong.

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