1. I take one 00 capsule 3x week. I’m 75 and swimming more than one hour in a 50 meter pool makes me ache unbearably. So I take one capsule 10 minutes before swim. During the one hour swim, kratom red vein maeng da kicks in. Zero pain. It must last about 6 hours. I’m a tiny bit sore starting at the 6 hour point. Totally bearable. Sometimes there’s zero pain after swim. I never take more than one capsule 3x week. Not tempted at all. Some of you are taking huge amounts! Buy on line. Get red vein. Be careful.

  2. Btw this video is fatiguing to watch because makes statements like “Kratom is a powerful substance that has biological effects and effects the body’s physiology and blah blah blah.” This video has filler as dialogue. It’s boring and tells you information most people already know.

  3. I believe it ought to be more regulated, but not as a schedule one substance. It should be regulated so that minors cannot obtain, all products should have recommended doses and disclaimers, and should come from a clean and unadulterated source. The largest problem I see is with Kratom is that since it’s usually a powder it can be easily cut with something or be adulterated. Kratom can be dangerous because some vendors are sketchy.

  4. The FDA is saying that Kratom contains opioids because it’s alkaloids binds to opioid receptors, so therefore its an opioid. But that’s the only correct statement they’ve disclosed. Respiratory depression is not a side effect of Kratom because there are built in mechanisms within herb to stop the user from taking too much.
    The FDA has only been able to tie Kratom with 44 deaths over 6 years. Which is small considering if you distribute any substance to a large enough population it’ll find its way into a human death.

  5. Kratom and on natural remedies show promise to fight addiction and the opiod epidemic. Been using kratom and CBD oils for years instead of Opiates. I know a lot of people who replace hardcore pharmaceuticals with natural plant extracts with amazing results. Getting quality extracts that haven't been messed around with is the answer. Places like ​soulfulherbals.com for kratom. CBD also can be like $250 a bottle for the same stuff you can get online. I want to start a site to help people buy CBD eventually but until then I get mine at CBDistillery. Hate to be plugging natural stuff but people need to know and get off that pharma crap.AND IT IS TRUE:"just because it's technically legal in most places (not everywhere, check your local laws) it doesn't mean it's 100% safe to use! " Make sure you know your sources.

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