Welding Aluminum Bicycle Frames

This video shows the details of how a high-end aluminum bicycle frame is fabricated and welded. You can get more information about welding and metalworking …


  1. I have a linclon mig welder that also does flux core and a shitty campbell hausefeld 115 70 amp stick welder. I want to build a small bicycle cargo trailer for a mou tain bike. Well i happend to come across 4 bicycle frames that are a youth size and are deffinently peices and parts . A magnet sticks to them . Do i have to tig weld these or will one of the welders i have mentioned work?

  2. Dear Friends,

    I have a VITUS frame that needs to be repaired. I would like to know the exact reference of the material (aluminum?), in order to fix it. Please see attached photos.

    The damage is on the seat tube (see photos at https://www.bikeforums.net/classic-vintage-bicycles-whats-worth-appraisals-inquiries/1126904-how-weld-vitus-vintage-frame.html#post19968579). What is that material? I need that information in order to weld it

    Thank you!

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