Weed Buyers Beware: Cannabis Testing Yielding Contaminant Findings

Now that pot is fully legalized in California, more of the industry is being regulated, which is beneficial for buyers but an extra cost for sellers.


  1. We definitely need these regulation showever i find it funny that the people who are complaining are the same ones 5 years ago buying Mexican brick weed from a sketchy dealer in an alley and know your concerned about whats going in your body?

  2. 5 years ago Miley Cyrus made headlines for her illegal drug activity. Weed….made big news. Her parents had even came out publicly about it. Because the whole country was talking. Where will you be in 5 years?

  3. Already KNEW they are contaminating it.. What better way to take out "Certain People".. This is one of the reasons they legalized it.. "One" of the reasons! Dirty Azz World……

  4. Our corrupt federal government is resposible for the ignorance and chaos. They used fraud and propaganda to outlaw knowledge and scientific understanding for too long. It is STILL illegal according to the feds. They tell us that TERRORISTS hate our freedoms, yet THEY have silently removed our constitutional protections.

  5. Lol i used to 'volunterr' at a warehouse and they would spray eagle 20 (an extemely potent fungicide) during week 6 of flower (where nugs are 80% developed) if they had PM issues. No one smoked that batch.
    *no one that worked there, haha probably was sold straihht to the dispensaries

  6. It's not like they test the tabbaco for any reason why it's killing rhe users… Why test so much for weed? Then we should ban the alcohol and tabbaco? This is twisted… Focus on the problems we are having man. We need better housing market to be affordable to general public. To eliminate homeless and increase peace and happiness. Love and live well. I'm just saying…

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