1. Ok so i just harvested some
    blue dream ,chocolate mint OG, and black d.o.g all by HSO anyway
    I dryed them for 7 days branches snapped trimmed the primo shit and letting cure its still smelling like raw plant and a mixture of potent bud as the days go on with hour burping its starting to take on that pro smell but the lower larf of the black d.o.g i gave to a friend and they said it was (garbage) it drying/curing in my tent do you think i damage my shit or thats just the larf or strain it self i dont smoke and i haven't touched the others yet and how long do you think this cure should last help me out bro all grown in Verma fire soil and top dress with Verma Crop Organic dry amendments

  2. With what I have learned from you and Mr Tight…."Plump" @ day 35 means big MF"s in 4 more weeks. Can't thank you 2 enough for the knowledge you have given me. My retirement years have become very rewarding. Btw….Where is the Tight ….I sure do miss that guys show.

  3. Just wana tell you that you are the man and if im right and i bet i am there are alot of us that look up to you for the way you grow you keep it simple as can be straight to the point and just kill it man and i hope i can get some of the future gear. Im always down to test or to breed either way you are the man!

  4. garden looks good!!!! Could you tell me, do you run the same ph for flowering? Also I have the mammoth P microbes and also run blue planet the bunndle It would be great if you can share your feeding schedule im tryna dial in my tent please..

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