1. I stopped consuming THC on Dec. 5, and began the 5 day detox program today (Dec. 10)
    Prior to Dec. 5 I was consuming 1-2 grams of high grade Colorado wax per month using a vaporizer for the past year. I am 21 yo, 190 lbs, 5'7"male with a pretty good metabolism, no daily excersice routine, constant intake of water every day. I need to pass a drug test in approximately 20 days. Do you believe I can achieve this with the 5 day program i began today? I plan on continuing to not consume any THC after the program and continuing to drink a lot of water and cranberry juice.

  2. I have been clean since July and have cut all my hair since then it was about 4 months ago I have the aloe rid shampoo the old style I have only used it 3 times so far… my test is in the morning what’s are my chances of passing I weight about 160 and only have facial hair ?

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