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  1. Hey, I noticed you guys haven't been making as many videos lately. Do not be discouraged just because it has been a brutally red week. You might be down a bunch of money, but just realize, so is mostly everyone else, including me. Before October I was thousands of dollars in the green, but now I am more thousands of dollars in the red. We are just going to have to wait this out and let the market recover on its own. The feds are hurting the trade war with china. If they continue to raise the interest rates, my money may become a fraction of what it is now, but absolutely refuse to sell during a time like this.

  2. N bev is my winner for now! Aurora will be the biggest in my mind after next quarter earnings and world wide growth with alot of them a boom will come. F tilray go with plenty of others that have been around longer. Gw or insys thera, both went down. Dont forget insys has cbd spray technology no one talks about for some reason. Then again when the American market starts we will want in because we are behind now and trump dont like loosing potential markets!! Hemp for the future!

  3. the interest rate thing as i can say is its greed my friend, also I read somewhere that past gov shutdowns actually strengthened the market, with all these stocks doing what they are with jumping up high and down low, I think this is the santa rally for short sellers, they short the stock and then buy in dirt cheap and nice payday for them when the stock jumps back up the following day and I believe Tilray was one of em

  4. The problem is not that interest rates are going up, although it doesn't help anything, the problem is that interest rates were down for so long and we kept stimulating the economy with cheap money. Now that rates are at 2% which in reality is next to nothing and is considered a big deal because of the enormity of the that. Oil is plunging because consumer demand is falling. Everything is starting to slow down the major trucking companies and shipping companies are all down, home builders and materials are down. Now the Federal Reserve is damned if they do damned if they don't. If they cut rates now it will show the tremendous weakness that the USA cannot sustain 2% interest rates. If they keep raising rates to try to prove that the economy is strong enough to hold, the economy will just sink lower into recession. I believe the FED will stop raising rates reverse course back down to zero and then start stimulating again. When this happens it is officially end game. The dollar will fall through the floor all because interest rates were too low for too long like you mentioned earlier. Interest rate should have went up years ago when the economy was hitting its Peaks . It's funny because it was Donald Trump who appointed Powell to the Federal Reserve chairman and he was taking credit for this booming economy and the stock markets that were hitting all-time highs. Now everything is starting to turn South and he's blaming the Fed for raising rates.

  5. I think they will raise but make a pause for sometime after that. The price has already been baked in(for the most part), in this coming rate hike.
    I’m actually glad people are feeling bearish ather then bullish, it means we’re closer to a bottom than if everyone was still bullish.

  6. Took a ride on a oil bear etf today and got back into aphria before the end of the day. Seeing huge plays in the after market hours on aphria. couple buys of 200K+ shares after the bell. Something is up.

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