1. never healed 5 years off, 55 month after my last dose am still deathly ill, the fucked benzo Community told me everyone heal in " 6-18 month" it was the worse lie ever, if you fast tapered you probably should reinstate and taper slow;

    Fast taper clearly do permanent brain damage, never healed 5 YEAR OFF, fuck off the bastards benzo community

  2. Feel ya bro you wake up feeling good and then here it comes. The jolts at night trying to sleep are so terrible. But hey as the people say it does end. I just gotta trust them. Hope ya feel better man

  3. Hey brother, I felt pretty good today and I went out for a little, and it hit me so hard, I couldn't stop yawning. Lol… As I write this you said you felt good this morning… Man this is a beast. It will come in waves, just keep it moving. I will hit you in the next couple days. Feel free to email me man, or if you feel like you really need to talk let me know. [email protected]gmail.com

  4. I see you baby boy. I know it's so hard right now. Keep that faith and keep calling in Jesus. I promise this will pass. Promise! I'm praying for you at this very moment. Oh yea, your body is self de-toxying right now do be careful of over doing everything. Right now moderation is key. As for your tummy, get lots of tissue. It's the meds leaving your body.

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