1. I like og Kristen is fake asf eveyln is full of 💩 I mean eveyln does have a track record of ho behaviour so the rumor was believable js shaunie is fake she isn't a friend to Tami only eveyln

  2. Someone please tell Malaysia that the proper word is (doesn't) not dont. Dont judge people when your are not perfect yourself. Malaysia has trouble speaking and mispronounces words incorrectly uses the wrong words all the time but wants to focus on something small like unflattering clothing choices girl u lack basic verbage skills. I still love her tho just disappointed in the fact that she hasnt seemed to invest in bettering herself from less superficial place, like come on boo take a english class.

  3. Well if Shaunie really had the best intentions she should have told Evelyn what Jennifer said about Evelyn's daughter five years ago instead of trying to justify waiting to tell her because Jennifer was being dishonest. You could have told her as soon as Evelyn brought up the fact that they were back friends if you were really looking out for Evelyn

  4. Evil please stop the bullshit. If you don't care for Tammy then why are constantly bringing her up after she left. Shaunie and Evil are some 2faced bitches. And so what if Tammy was sick or not why do you care or in your words I'm concerned. Bitch really. The things is her body is not fake or filled with silicon your boobs look like up- side down bowling pins. I hope Tammy don't come back. Because this show is being shady, fake, and most of these heifers are to old. Get your shit together. Tammy babe keep pushing and let theses shady bitches go. Shaunie is messy and don't give 2 fucks about you. She has put several knives in your back. Love you Tammy and will support anything you do.

  5. I think that whenever Jennifer goes back on any show she should sign a contract stating that if she is the aggressor no police should be called just take an ass whooping the way it should be taken

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