The Essential Red Dead Redemption 2 Starter Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 explains the majority of its gameplay systems, but the sheer size of its massive world might slow you down a bit. To help you get started …


  1. Love the vid keep doin a good job but fyi when you enter centramatic mode you only have two hold the x or a button if you are following someone but if you set a waypoint and you're not following anyone you can set your controller down and you'll still go were you set your Waypoint to just thought i throw that out there so you can just sit back and enjoy the beauty this game has in it

  2. Not true at all with the fences. Maybe when you are fresh from Committing the crime, but I have bounties since the beginning everywhere, and I can sell them my stuff without problems

  3. Thanks for the tips there are so many things to sidetrack and lose focus on. Sometimes I will set up a waypoint to check out a spot and no plan survives first contact. I end up distracted by birds and plants and end up on the opposite side of the country! 🤤🤤🤤. So five hours later.. 🤔 I’m wearing gym shorts and a pink tie in the snow capped mountains. I will say this though, it’s worth every minute ⏳🕳

  4. An example of how hard hitting/realistic the game can be:
    One time I decided to go hunting. I was running out of food and needed some meat to keep up on my diet because the weight system is unforgiving in this game. I remember this poison arrow I got a while back. I decided to use it and see if it would poison my food (yeah I know I just wanted to test it out) and I shot this deer I saw in the torso and it ran away but not for long. I chased it down and when I finally caught up I saw it laying on the ground crying in pain. It sounded so real too. I felt so bad because I never want animals to suffer and I always put a quick death to them. Only kill them for materials and not just for fun. So I put it out of it's misery and got poor pelt out of all of it. I sold and gave everything to the camp and made sure it was put to good use and not just wasted.
    This game can be deeper then it already is depending on how you react. I don't blame people giving this a 10.

  5. In cinematics you don´t need to hold down the button, if you pressed twice (for example the X in the Ps4), it will keep running, but be careful, it can crash with other things so don´t leave it unattended.

  6. Literally first thing I did in free roam was go into Valentine and I said to my buddy what we gonna do now and then I saw the shrerriff and I'm like wanna shoot the sheriff? And next thing ya know bam bam bam but I only had like 10 bullets , that was the dumbest thing I've ever done , now I'm like so screwed in the game , $285 bounty and $60 in my account.

  7. Was heading up a trail looking for someone to rob, came across this guy talking to his horse trying to calm him down, the horse freaked out and kick the guy in his head making him flip and killed him… I never laughed so hard in a game 10/10

  8. Just a tip; while in cinematic camera on horseback, you can actually tap the sprint button to get up to desired speed and then you can let go of the controller completely without the need for holding in the button. This also allows for your horse to sprint longer distances.

  9. Other tip do all the side missions and exploring you can with Arthur in the begging dont worry about the story unless its the only mission left on the map.
    Also the story of Arthur is the best and most relatable person in any game ive played

  10. 8:33 You don't have to hold the run button down. Just set a waypoint…and keep running as you switch over to cinematic. After that, you can still increase speed and slow as per normal, but you can put the controller down and go for a smoke break…

  11. I disagree with the fact that they just said use a bow when hunting when you can , you should always check the weapon that is recommended for killing the animal , some small animals will get damaged if you use a bow. 🙂

  12. Awesome video! Thanks so much, learned a bunch that will make this easier for me 🙂 Didn't play the first one and am not a console person but have started to dabble with ps4 games.

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