1. I thought coils were to have an ohm range to measure to know if they are in spec, what the heck do I think??? been a long time since small motor class and 2-stroke outboards.

  2. Something I just learned . Try to find gas without ethanol , especially for small motors . Gas turns hygroscopic , meaning with ethanol added to fuel , the fuel absorbs moisture from surrounding air and the molecules of the air are taken into the molecules of the fuel . The result is water in your fuel which causes trouble .——Ernest E. Johnson

  3. Mine works for a while then die abs and refuse to work again…Ive I leave it for a while …say a day…its start again for a few minutes and die again …whas happen

  4. Suggestion: Not sure cause I've never done it but the two pieces you put in the spark plugs end of the wire MAY (again I can't be certain) be easier to slip the cable through the rubber boot, connect the metal loop and pull/push it in place. Thanks, Enjoyed the video buddy.

  5. Hi Kevin hope you can help me bought a shinetsu fastcut weed cutter last month used it once for about 30 min to cut my grass stored it away in a dry room now it does not start seems to be no compression any ideas please would be appreciated

  6. And now for all you rednecks that are manly men, to check for spark you first remove the spark plug as to get a good spin on the engine when you pull the starter rope. You then stick your smaller finger in the end of the spark plug wire and pull the cord really hard without removing your finger. I will assure you if your engine has spark you will know due to the lumps in your shorts. If you feel no spark and your shorts are still clean, you now know you have a spark issue and will need to go check your coil or maybe clean your mag? I hope this helps?

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