1. India is the land of Marijuana, it has been part and parcel of our culture here for ages, we worship the biggest Cannabis user of all time…Lord Shiva, it has numerous health benefits (unlike drinking or smoking-both of which are legal) and finally, the feeling that one gets after being high on weed is heavenly, makes one genuinely happy, shun violence and basically just have a good time. NOW WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE SUPREME COURT, ARE YOU IDIOTS?

  2. Make it legal ASAP in India, Bloody mumbai corrupted pandu ( police ) harassing every now & then & in other hand they takes hafta from peddler, Mumbai Cops Sucks 🖕💀,✌🍁 💕☮️

  3. I Think weed is the Best medicine in the Planet Earth.. because it can make peoples mind at Peace
    Amd If weed is legal in India.. i think our next generation will be much 10 time smarter then the modern world now….the future is coming soon.. dnt think to much.. jst try it… you guys will kno it
    Keep calm n smoke weed

  4. the UN drug treate is just a Hoax to mantain the population dumb down. we all now that Cannabis helps to open the third eye/pineal gland. that is what governement dont want. awaken people. Cannabis also avoids the mind programming. A teacher plant should never be included in governemnts laws! its like puting a ban on oxygen to breathe

  5. How those fucking illiterate politicians can understand about that great herb they are fucking courrepted people and the NGO people are sucking​ under the fucking pharmaceutical companies, who are having much fear on ligelisation of marijuana

  6. #0peration0vergrow ✊ and #chilibugenetics 🌱
    We do NOT support cannabis legal-LIES-ation as put forth by the Canadian regime,
    It is nothing more then #prohibition2. handing over an entire culture to corpoRATions 😲
    True cannabis freedoms for one and all not just those who can afford to pay to play, it is all about profits over people so keep fighting the good fight to truly #freetheweed
    👉Support your local farmers and artists who provide passionately grown #freetrademarketcannabis and boycott 🇨🇦 government's weed 👈
    ☮💞🙏 from #cannagrowerscan and #craftcannabis 🕉
    #peopleoverprofits #randomactsofkindness #payitforward #sharingiscaring <3

  7. Great, but please note: India already allows for the licensed sale and production of bhang (i.e. in this case, crude cannabis leaf). There are government licensed bhang vendors in Rajasthan, Varanasi etc. and licensed bhang production eg. in Hoshiarpur in Punjab. And most importantly: nobody is talking about the small farmers, most of them subsistence farmers, who are already involved in producing ganja and charas for the black market. These vulnerable villagers live with the police on one side and the mafia on the other, and typically they make a pittance from their crop – enough to pay for school for their children and medicine. What will happen to them if and when the Indian government opens the market to big business such as Patanjali? India has a tradition of venerating village life. When the time comes to legalise, the government should stand by its obligation to protect and respect the livelihoods of the farmers who have nurtured these crops through the prohibition era.

  8. We got an indigenous herb and instead of legalizing and capitalizing at least on the industrial hemp market our country or rather our Governments prefer to look and run the other way. And then they sit and shed crocodile tears over farmer suicides. Such a bunch of stupid, greedy, power hungry crackpots………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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