SCP-2510 Our Broken Salvation | Euclid class | Church of the Broken God / Sarkic Cult scp

A portal created by the Church of the Broken God, gives insight to what would happen if the Sarkic Cults and Yaldabaoth reigned supreme. A battle of two …


  1. So all of the facilities they went to, the ones where the humanoids were all weird, and sickly, is where the flesh god won? and where there was order, the Broken god contained the abomination?

  2. Somebody in the discussion page pointed out that there is a bunch of references in the last monologue and they didn’t actually point any of them out and I was like “gee, thanks.”

  3. It is quite interesting how this reflect upon mankind. I think in the mellenia to come humans will forge there own evolution with genetic alterations and kybernetics and cybernetics paired with mechanical augmentation.

  4. Hello from Israel 🙂
    the translation of yalda bahut is shown in revers letters in the video.
    ("yalda behut" = "ילדה בהות")
    yalda = ילדה –
    means a girl child or "birth".
    bahut = בהות
    has no modern Hebrew translation, but the root of the word comes from "בהתה" or "בלהות".
    "בלהות" = "balahut" = "many fears"
    so the best translation i can give is "the birth of many fears"

  5. Armitage?….Any relation to Henry Armitage?….of Dunwich?…lols….this whole thing reeks of HP Lovecraft….I found myself thinking of him and, The Silmarillion cosmology of middle Earth. Both contain allusions to Gnosticism. This is the most Gnostic work I've seen in the SCP cannon…. basically that the biblical Satan or more properly Lucifer is the true savior of our reality. All the talk of Archons reminds me of the Madame Blavatsky rants and early books of David Icke.

  6. OK so i dont buy that BS of broken god you seen stuff they do ? I dont have faith in humans but i know some thing fuck with us and will fuck you up God Demon dont care we make scp means we have means to brake universe rules that was set p by God

    We Now are more powerful them both of ya God and demon

    (where there a life there's a hope, one step after another come what may and let's reap worlds asunder )

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