Rogan on the Secret to Kicking Addiction

Dr. Andrew Weil is a physician, author, spokesperson, and broadly described “guru” of the alternative medical brands: holistic health and integrative medicine.


  1. Setting a date and then failing over and over until you truly just want to quit and do quit is not new. This is the sick and tired of being sick and tired method. The time it takes to be sick and tired of your current fucked situation just varies per person.

  2. I think that the most important aspect to kicking an addiction, is finding the core of the addictive persons reason as to why they use drugs, or rely on something external to fix, manage, or control their internal. then after figuring out or getting an idea for what that is, they can find means of uncovering the feelings that they have suppressed, and in doing so, come to accept that these traits or traumas, or what ever, have already happened and they choose whether they want to stay the same, or change. with willingness and open mindedness, one must find purpose and meaning in their life, that is the key to staying sober after the initial stages of acceptance. finding ones purpose or meaning is what keeps them clean ultimately. 12 step fellowships, therapy, support groups, love and family support, all these things can also help one figure it out. ultimately, just having willingness to try to change is the ultimate tool in recovering from addiction. but generally, one wont change unless theyre ready to CHANGE! it takes lots of effort and dedication.

  3. Drug addiction is isnt “addiction” to the thrill, its actually desperation to bond to love & acceptance. Most outsiders and judgmentals see the dependent mindset that slowly takes over months after the first “recreational” use. People bad or good just dont wake up wanting to be in a serious physical mental hell that is drug dependency. Your brain only knows how to focus when its in short supply of survival mood regulating chemicals. Your friend or family who is suffering isnt pawning everything to hurt you, they just dont have the inwardly emotional intelligence to feel loved or understood enough to “see” what you see. They certainly feel the guilt and guilt/shame/disappointment from everyone is only forcing their inner resolve to shrink and hide deeper by the day.

  4. this is why its important to keep a journal on what you eat, the flip side of the journal (upside down backwards on the other side of binder) is your dream journal, on the side column beside what you eat that day is your #days of nofap #days of pure diet #days of anything your goal is aka no cigarettes , everytime you fuck up just start back at day 1 and eventually you will feel like an asshole for not abiding to your goal and resetting it everyday

  5. Addiction is how we justify continuing to use. The body becomes physically dependent, but addiction is all in the mind. We bullshit ourselves. I was on painkillers for years. Did rehab and 12-step and realized that it's all bullshit. Have no desire for any pills now.

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