Percocet Withdrawal – physically, mentally and emotionally Withdrawaling from opiates

Hey guys, Just another video update, letting you know I’m Hanging tough. It’s been an emotionally exhausting day, and this sweating is driving me nuts.


  1. Jason, what I get from you in your videos is that you are a very sweet,kind,beautiful and intelligent person. My story is similar to yours as I had a secret addiction to Vicodin for well over ten years.Everything you talk about I have been through. I am rooting for you so hard because I know how hard it is. I hope you stay strong. I had to go the suboxone route and am now trying to taper from that.Please stay strong. I am praying for you.

  2. You're doing amazing and walking into a brand new life full of hope and excitement… That's missing when we're on stuff and getting it back is so worthwhile. Stay in touch with your doctor for support. I just loved the video of you and your brother doing the makeup…. it was so funny…I remember a friend of mine years ago in the 80s saying that… the past is a point of reference not a place of residence… Honestly it's so true. You have all my support and I'm proud of you… It's not easy… Jerry

  3. I've been where your at but time will heal you, trust me you were fine before you started and you'll be fine after.Give yourself time its gonna be worth it..

  4. YOU sir, are the warrior. Never mind the haters there are always E thugs. You’ll never meet them in person, just imagine how crappy their life must be if they are so full of negativity to bash someone like that. It’s really pretty sad if you think about it. Likely they were abused as a child or some kind of massive trauma, or their life just sucks THAT bad. Either way, don’t let that bs anger you. Let’s see them go cold turkey, lol I can’t do it. You’re a much stronger soul then me. Soul game on swole haha. At this point I wouldn’t do a maintenance drug you’ve made it over the hump. Soon you’ll be able to get out and about and feel better. If you just can’t stand life for like a month and you’re thinking about relapsing, only then you should consider subs. Check out my channel man . It is NOT easy getting off subs IMO. I have been able to cold turkey 100+ mg in the past but can’t get off subs at 1 mg lol. Maybe I’m just getting weak with age. Keep on pushing buddy you have lots of people rooting for you. 👍💪

  5. The doom and gloom is completely normal Jason. Be patient with yourself. My opinion is that if you end up going on maintenance drugs you will regret it man. You are a week clean now and the mental symptoms you are feeling, we all felt bud. Your brain will heal man, don’t let your brain fool you right now! The way I looked at it is that I had to buy my brain the power to heal by fighting those dark thoughts, anxiety and deep depression. You have to know that it’s normal to feel the way you do on day 6. Please be patient with yourself. I cried on a lot of my videos due to my emotions being so raw, they are still raw. Keep fighting the fight! Don’t listen to anyone who has bad things to say my friend! I got plenty of them myself along the way, I just delete the comments now as well! You are amazing and think you are doing a great job! Be smarter then those thought bro, you will come into the light soon enough. Recovery IS hard but it is so worth it! Thanks for sharing your story, you are very brave to do so and I appreciate you making these videos! Peace and love my homie! ✌🏼❤️🙏🏻

  6. Omg that sucks. That literally sounds like the worst thing ever what you are going through. Stay strong 💜, you can do this. Your brain isn’t really reliable right. Do you do all this stuff with medical supervision or is it just like stopping and not going back?

    I would take physical pain rather than mental pain as well. Totally….

    You should be proud of yourself. Your strength will return stronger than ever and then you will be thankful not to be in the current situation. Right now riding out the storm 😕.
    You got this.

    It’s a heck of a lot easier to bully and say whatever you want when you want and it’s like an addiction of it’s own when people have to make others feel like shit.

  7. Jeff. Like Roberta would always say…it gets better everyday. Even if it's just a little. Just hang on and know that u have a lot of support.
    When I was in my opitit withdrawal I thought I was gonna die. Hello here I am free from pills, except zanax BUT I started my very slow taper. Your young and cute…you got this😊💪

  8. You are a Winner, Jason!!!♥️
    All these symptoms are completely normal. The opiates hijack the brain, and numbs everything. When I detoxed everything came flooding through me, too, but everything will level out. You’ll be so Amazed. Freedom is Awesome!!!♥️ I had to fight for mine, too, but it’s all worth it.
    As for any trolls, they are Jealous. Unfortunately, there’s some very pathetic people in our world. Block them if you can. They’re really pathetic!
    Stay Strong. Sending you lots of Love and Peace. Hang in There.♥️✌️

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