1. I did a lot of extra work and was on set while the leads were doing their thing…Joe is dead on about how boring and dull it can be. Sitting there waiting for the grips to set up a scene and then do it over and over and over again can be boring as hell. One day's work can amount to a few minutes on screen, so figure that out!!!

  2. Let me tell you something, when I first heard this nut say this complete nonsense about him starting it all and even trying to remotely insinuate that he actually had some type of influence on the entertainment industry, I swear I laughed for a week straight and told everybody I know. Honesty, I’m still laughing and I still tell people about it all the time. I can’t believe that he thinks that he was some type of trail blazer or pioneer…that’s just sad, news flash dude, you weren’t. . I know that many Hollywood types are delusional, nothing new there, but this is all just a bit much and there’s not an ounce of truth to it..like at all. The bottom line is this, we can safely say that if there was no Michael Jackson then the face of 80’s music may look different. We can assume that if Another MJ never played basketball then the landscape of the NBA during the 80’s would’ve been completely different. When it comes to Pauly ‘I’m only famous because of my mom’ Shore, we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that movies and comedy would be in the EXACT same place that it’s in now and possibly even better. Sorry dude your neither a trailblazer, pioneer, influencer, groundbreaker or even made an impact. Just a goofball that now looks like Richard Simmons.

  3. hes giving himself to much credit, when he was on mtv everyone would turn the channel. the catch phrases were interesting but after the 2nd time hearing it youd say oh god not this guy. his movies sucked. biodome and encino man was worth the watch if you were 12. if anything colin quin started mtv with remote control

  4. @PaulyShore
    Dude, I am an Active U.S. Army Water Treatment Specialist NCO with the 82nd Airborne Division. I love In The Army Now. I also won First Place in the 2018 FORSCOM ROWPU RODEO. Your movie makes me happy about making the best water. Thank you so much for this movie. It was real to me. And a way to be happy about my service.

    I only wish I had to serve one weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer, and got glasses that made me one of a kind!

    Love ya Man.

    "I'm a crazzzzzy boyyyy!" Lol

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