Part 2 (Solution) Impose (Weed, Marijuana, Chars, Charas ) Test and Fine in Karachi. Monthly Basis

Part 1 Link Part 2 (Solution) Weed Test in Pakistan, Eradication of Chars (Marijuana) or Weed in Karachi. #ISI #CJP #NAB …

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  1. Once i used to smoke weed , believe me once i saw with my own eyes ,, they main seller in Quetta which sold weed (charas) to all over Pakistan ,, was adulterating charas , with some kind of tablets ,, Well i tried to ask from him that what was he mixing in charas ,, he told me its the tablets which is used to relieve mind of mental ill people ,, and even he showed me the tablets and i searched out and found what that guy said to me ,, since from that day i left smoking Charas ,, In Pakistan charas are 100% adulterated with toxic shits which automatically gonna make your brain shit ,, and believe me there is no such place where you can get 100 % pure charas .. "Forbidden fruit always look delicious, but forbidden for some reason"

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