1. The Nugenix PM I got and took it one night and noticed a FLOW of energy. It’s definitely working in tandem, making me feel certain areas invigorate with circulation. Now, it’s must go for the original Nugenix product.

  2. Good to know this is basically placebo…besides, I frickin' hate the commercials too! Nothing but females shaming their husbands or boyfriends…who are basically beta males with their f'd up responses.

  3. Costly for a bottle of tablets, it does not work at all. Most of those ' testo boosters' are fraudulent. I don't think their are any that actually does the job. Try a diet in high testo foods, do the research that is about the only safe alternative.

  4. Total skeptic, but i have to admit, my workouts went up like crazy. I went from 20 reps to 100 in most of my exercises. Also, I'm horny all the time and my ejaculations are bigger. Totally true review.

  5. It's outrageous! Men can get this hopeful assistance in getting & keeping a boner for FREE compliments of GNC. Brings back the memory of Viagra being approved by health insurance while women were required to pay for birth control pills for decades. Insanity. If God felt u deserved a hard on, he would give you one.

  6. Believe me I take to tosterone and it's prescribed to me go to your doctor to get tested first if you need to tosterone don't be boosting your testosterone levels until it hurts you in the long run all males that reach it a certain age that need to tosterone go to your doctor don't listen to what people tell you on TV this stuff could kill you there's a lot of players in national football and baseball that get banned for using this kind of thing you're not allowed to takes a certain amount over the limit for your to tosterone levels it could harm you in the long run you're only supposed to take a certain amount of milligrams and that's 40 mg of testosterone nothing higher you start doing it you're going to wind up hurting yourself remember this goes to your testicles and you testicles will also shrivel up in the long run and that's what happens when you need to talk to him go to your doctor don't listen to Nugenix this stuff of probably hurt you and I don't care if people take it in and feeling better that means you don't go to your doctor you listen to a TV crew you're going to wind up hurting yourself you got to get yourself tested first and get a prescription from the doctor for testosterone this is the legal way of doing it don't listen to the people on TV telling you you're feeling weak you're feeling tired you're feeling down because I'm telling it to tosterone is not a sexual boost and it's not a drug for lovers either don't listen to them to tosterone that's not in your body you can die yes but if used too much to tosterone it could kill you just the same way so I'm telling you for your own good

  7. Took it for a month. Anything you may feel is nothing more than placebo effect. I work out 5 days per week, have for years, no notice of increased energy. Really doesn't increase testoserone.

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