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  2. I don't think that our people should be involved in this trade, even if it is legal. All mind altering drugs should be shunned because they are not good for you. Besides, the big corporations will be running this scam and small time players will be pushed out. I would be leery of selling a product that has been one of the causes of many Black people being jailed or murdered by law enforcement, even it is "legal". Legal marijuana will be whites only. Black people should avoid a dirty business that will not benefit us.

  3. WoW ! That's Door to Door Delivery Recreation. That's a good Reason to Drop charges and Will keep more people off the streets from Stop and frisk by the police in the state of new Jersey

  4. Then EVERY Black Person That EVER Got LOCKED UP Because Of Marijuana Possession (((SHOULD BE RELEASED))). I ALREADY KNOW White People WILL BE The Ones BENEFITING FROM THIS LEGALIZED DRUG DEALING OPERATION, Because They WILL Place A LOT OF (((RED TAPE))) Before Black People….SMDH😎. Thanks For The Upload Lisa👏😎. Shabbat Shalom My Family✊😎B1☝

  5. 🤷🏿‍♀️They'll have a special pack for the💆🏾‍♂️ Hebrews, I don't trust. ,the 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦enemy's, hell ,they 🤔kill 💀☠️they own folks⚔️🔫💊💉🚬🤗 fentanyl laced weed😱👄👅delivered to kill🤷🏿‍♀️🤔

  6. Lisa did you say in a news letter there was fentanyl in the weed i so with that said i say fuck that grow your on in pots in doors we can't trust these white folks they know we enjoy or weed here is another way for them to kill us peace fam and oh thank you Lisa for help keeping us on are toes

  7. They have led the chosen people into captivity in the past, now they want to benefit from it? It time for these police officers, judges, lawmakers, lawyers to go into captivity. Some of our people lost their families due to stress , now it's time for their families to sleep a perpetual sleep and not wake. I will never forget.

  8. Wait a minute.
    25% to women,minorities,or veteran's.
    Caucasian men get the remaining 75%,seems an inequity is being built into the law.
    How much of that 25% will go to Negroe businessmen ?
    Remember,Affirmative Action ?
    Caucasian women received nearly 80% of those jobs,while the media kept saying how much it did for "minorities".
    25% split three ways is 8.3% and that's if the split is even.

  9. Not to sound silly but if i was a rapper i would immediately jump this…at least when your rap career is washed up you have something to fall back on and can pass down to your children…weed ain't going out of style no time soon…

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