1. I have adhd. I personally think it's way over diagnosed… And to be honest I find it absurd that they prescribe that to little kids..that shit is strong! It's an amphetamine! I was on vivanse when I was 12 and that's when I developed my eating disorder so I would use it to help me supress my appetite . And it DID make me focus but in a very "I'm on drugs" way.. and I was able to run for miles, etc .. I personally think that the way the school system is: they only support a one way curriculum and if someone learns differently they automatically mark you as having a disability.. kids want to be outside playing! Not glued to a seat all day.. I'm not saying "adhd isn't real" but just because someone can't keep up in school doesn't mean there's something wrong with you…I'm starting college soon and I'm scared. I've been considering being on a small dose if it means I'll get my degree 🙈. And that's literally my only intention..

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