Miley Cyrus’ Parents Smoke Weed and Play with Hummingbirds

Miley Cyrus calls her mom out for becoming a big stoner, talks about the inspiration behind her “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” music video with Mark Ronson and …


  1. All i see are satanists that sold out to the pedophiles of Hollywood and continue to brainwash the masses with dumbed down comedy and stupid thoughts from stupid cunts like Miley, her family was ok with having her groomed by the pedophiles at the Disney Channel. Her parents are fucked in the head for pimping her out to the zionist Jews in Hollyweird after her father's music career was killed like McCain and Bush Sr Lol

  2. Well you need to Grow up…you know you are not 22 anymore and running around Drunk in the bars or Smoking all kinda Reefer lol….You really think that's appropriate still?

  3. Can you imagine back in HS you're Miley boyfriend or friend and you call her house to talk to her……she answers the phone "Hey Trace, can I speak to your Sister Miley?" "I am MILEY!" What a voice but I tap

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