1. What’s so funny is that he is right about weed. Usually I am a person who worries and overthinks things and when I smoke it keeps me focused and worry about the moment. I don’t worry about issues because it makes me calm as hell.

  2. Troutdale Oregon County Commissioner wife Diane Castillo White paid Church secretary Nathaniel cross to kill me $2,500 assassinate the minister so I'll stop requesting from CEO of State Farm's insurance company all seven eight nine 10 board of directors compensation from neck and back pain Diane Castillo white gave me. Everybody paid but one black man racism black lives matter Portland Oregon Troutdale Oregon County Commissioner said no. No black man shall start a legal Church in America State Farms telling me unless you are a mason or a illuminati Grass Roots churches is what I am. 501 c 3 nonprofit status is what I am but we need to pay $500 to IRS for letter of recognition of 501 c 3. Extortion. State Farm's refused extortion money. Church secretary overdosed on meth above Mary's strip club Burnside and Broadway Portland Oregon

  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmqypoRBJjA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Katt Williams did not donate when he seen me in the Kit Kat Club the second time meeting me the first time he say he had to get $50 off of his credit card he teach me if I want to build a domestic violence Safe Haven Apartments no one will give me anything I must work hard at fundraising public benefit organization period 3 weeks ago Katt Williams walked in Portland Oregon got arrested dog not allowed on limo discrimination guilty of being black Katt Williams 2018. So I continue asking for gift offerings $2,500 State Farms CEO paid Church secretary for sex when I was asked I say I am a boy Damon Katt Williams I don't get paid. 3 years ago. Trial Diane Christina White was found guilty of causing Diane Castillo White found guilty of causing my accident but 12 people on the jury Caucasian did not want me getting any money to pay IRS for nonprofits

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