1. I wonder if any ETF include mj stocks, which we are not aware of and suddenly got ding for it. Whatโ€™s the chance of that. And if that ever happen is the firm thatโ€™s you bought the ETF Of get ban or you the buyer not know whatโ€™s include in the ETF got ban. Lol. Thatโ€™s would really sucks.

  2. now that the cbd/hemp market is about to boom from the farm bill passage, what do you think about CBD stocks like CBDD and HEMP? are they poised for future growth since they are newcomers? Do you think 2019 stock market will be the year of the hemp/cbd/weed stocks? let me know your opinion, thank you

  3. Canadians who invest in pot may not be able to cross the border yet the worlds largest dispensary, Planet 13, was recently opened in Las Vegas, Nevada- fucking logic.

  4. I'm currently writing my end thesis for business school on cannabis stocks and the way they influence our portfolios (directly or indirectly) and it seems that officially nobody has had any real problems with that. But unofficially there are a lot of open cases against unfair practices.

    Great educational video, btw!

  5. Interesting video… Add this to the ass backward policies here in my country. This sounds like something the communist regime in China might do, which is pretty off-putting. Hopefully we'll get with the times in the coming years. Going in the wrong direction right now though. My opinion only of course.

  6. something to think about i have no investments in this area and never used this substance not saying someone shouldn't invest in this but it's more than the US that can get you in trouble with this also there is the risk this may be made illegal again in the future

  7. I know US is famous with their stupid and crazy laws and this one is just the next. The one thing, I can't understand is, if you don't want people to invest in Marijuana, why you'd allow a Marijuana company to get listed on the stock market?! ๐Ÿ˜€ Any idea if this "ban" is only for Canadian investors or for all non-US investors across the globe (I'm from Bulgaria)? I currently don't own or plan to invest in any weed company, but I'm considering trying some day-trading or options trading… do you think, you could be banned for this as well? ๐Ÿ˜€

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