1. Shits got me man,gotta blame some fuka ,whys that guy staring at me ,i a keel him next time im straight ,what did he look like ,,ah fuc dis need some coke get nxt level ,so i can see who got it in for me ,"BOOM" who gave him a gun ,money or the drugs ,,it dont matter by this point but the neighborhood has gone

  2. Old water tanks have so many minerals left behind. I use in my medium soil it's free and works pro man. It's my secret to all who grows weed. i spread also in season all year.

  3. To the lady at the 20 min mark with so called fibromyalgia all I’m glad weed is helping you with it I love weed but the symptoms you said can all be reversed and cured with your diet 💯%

  4. 25:20 bullshit and second I'm not digging your company you're not trying to change anything except your bank account by USING US FOLKS fuck off, you smoke and you maggots know it and if not you can really go fuck yourselves

  5. How can people not love this plant?! It brings people together, like look at this shit. “It doesn’t matter what color you are, we all bleed green” that’s the realest shit ever man

  6. So the Federal government allows itself to play a game where it can make false statements about an absence of medicinal properties in cannabis, and force them onto the public. And they call themselves Government. Gov't my S. Everyone knows that if we sweep the 60 yrs of anti-weed propaganda into a trash can in the corner, what will be left is nothing but a lot of awesome praises to the plant. From everyone who tried it for any reason.

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