Growing Weed In A Closet – $300 Budget Autoflower Grow

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  1. Hey man, love your videos! I am an amateur grower and your videos are one of the first I had found to help me learn about the growing techniques. I basically have the same setup here for the budget tent setup. Its been mentioned to me that I should get a CO2 bag to put in the tent. I don't think you have one in either of your setups. I am curious on what your thoughts are about them. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Thanks for your hard work for all of us man!!! Still my favorite youtube channel! You mention your tough leather like leaves, if that from low or high humidity? also do you do a dark period before harvest?

  3. I was getting very discouraged with my grow…. my plants didnt seem as if they were hitting the same milestones that yours were. I just hit day 34 in my wwa grow and looking back at your day 28, i think im close for the experience level i am! (First time grower) Glad to see what i have to look forward to in the coming weeks as far as progress and ive realized that skill level, genetics, and time will all contribute to the way the ladies look! They just started showing sex and popping pistols 3 days ago, so i know im on the right track! Thank you for all the explination and great content you send our way!

  4. How tall is your tent I have a 32×32×63 and that just don't seem tall enough even though I'm doing autos myself and have for a few years, and I was told many times you couldn't clone a auto but I did and it's looking great so far, I tried it a few times before and it didn't work out but I'm pretty sure I have it down now, ive since took more and all are doing amazing, keep the videos going them girls looks awesome bud.

  5. And those who can't afford to drop 300. Just get a florescent bulb at least 5000k to 6500k a small fan and timer and get started as they grow you can upgrade as they grow. You don't even need a tent just a place of uninterrupted darkness.

  6. @From Seed to Stoned
    hey buddy, been watching your videos since i discovered them. very informative, great production value, and entertaining, which is a lot more than i can say about other tutorial videos i've watched lol. i was on the verge of starting my own project but your videos convinced me it was a great idea, especially the budget series.
    any way few questions:
    i'm assuming because they are auto flowers that you're running a 24hr light cycle, which means that your fans and exhaust are running on the same cycle (i.e always on?)
    i basically have the same set up as you but i have photoperiod seeds (one fan by inlet screen, one clip on, and one carbon filter exhaust vent). currently running 18 on. should my exhaust always be on, even when the light is off, and what about inlet fan and usb fan?
    thanks for the help, and keep up the awesome series!

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